Your life reflects your Gods. The values and traditions you serve is your worship.

We are 100% descended from the masters of the universe. And that we shall be again to the ends of eternity.

Thoth Daat, Founder

When we study the history of all mankind, and we are honest, and thorough, and no room is left for speculation personal preferences, one thing becomes alarmingly clear if only for its implications for the whole of the history, philosophy and religion we are taught and the seemingly now obvious familiar and otherwise unimaginable image presenting of the gods of ancient man even for a few hundred of our modern years, one thing becomes abundantly clear, frighteningsly so for some — the gods are Black. Not just most of them, ALL of them.

The question is no longer why, because it is so very clear now…the answer, the most important answer is indeed, how do we worship, how do we align and invoke these black gods to our side, to our beck, to our best for good, for ever?
A much needed answer indeed.